Slumbr is making sleep comfier. One pillow at a time.

Slumbr is a sleep wellness company who's designed a Pillow Menu of exceptionally comfy pillows. We make finding a pillow personal to your individual sleep style so simple with our Pillow Quiz and other online tools. To develop our Menu and Quiz, we evaluated over 250 pillow options and tested the best with real sleepers in their homes. No more squishing pillows through plastic. Or the awkward head rest while standing in the store aisle.

Who's behind Slumbr?

vignette1 Michelle Fishberg Co-Founder and CEO

Michelle is an avid napper and swears by magnesium oil for consistent sleep. Her go-to pillow is a toss up between the Virgo and Ara. Michelle has 15+ years experience in product management, marketing and consumer insight. She earned an MBA from Stanford and BS from Boston University.

vignette2 Heather Rebuelta Co-Founder and COO

Heather is a fan of evening meditation, yoga and running, which help her get quality shuteye. Her go-to pillow is the Cassiopeia, stacked on the Lyra. Heather has 15+ years experience in business development, VC and operations. She earned an MBA from Chicago Booth and BA from UCLA.

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