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Ace your new year’s resolutions: Slumbr’s guide for a happy, healthy 2017

Gym membership? Check. Activity tracker? Check. Smoothie blender? Check.

There are plenty of wellness tools we’re eager to use this year to help us eat cleaner, work out harder and feel better. If you’re looking for that extra oomph to make meeting your health goals even easier and more fun, look no further for inspiration. Whether you’re commencing new year’s resolutions or just eager for a fresh start to 2017, Slumbr is sharing our favorites to kickstart a healthier, happier you. Here’s our list if you’re looking to...

Get your diet back on track

Devin AlexanderPlanning for more home cooking this year? Find inspiration for wholesome, tasty eats from “The Biggest Loser” celebrity chef Devin Alexander. She’s written over eight cookbooks brimming with ideas for fast, family-friendly meals that cut the calories and crank up the nutrition.

Thrive MarketIf it’s tough to find the time to shop for ingredients to these meals, check out Thrive Market, an online marketplace for organic foods at wholesale prices - all delivered to your door.

NatureBoxAnd if you’re going to snack (and who doesn’t?), choose snacks made with simple, high-quality ingredients. Naturebox has seriously yummy, unique snack options, many of which are non-GMO and contain organic ingredients.

Get moving more

Whether you’re at the gym or home, replicate the studio workout with apps and online services that give you loads of variety and motivation.

Yoga CollectiveLooking to get your Om on? Yoga Collective lets you choose the style, difficulty and length from a huge library of yoga classes, all for a low subscription fee.  

Fit FusionWant variety to  spice up your fitness life? Fitfusion features videos from celebrity trainers across all types of workouts -- from HIIT to spinning to yoga to kickboxing. Watch anywhere by streaming to your phone, tablet or TV with their $9.99/mo subscription.

Pear Sports AppGunning for even more sweat and grunts? Try the Pear smartphone app for a truly personalized coaching experience. Pear is a platform that adapts audio workouts in real-time based on your individual fitness data. World-class trainers and athletes coach you through interactive training protocols. Towel not included.

Maintain mindfulness and mental wellbeing

National Parks Annual PassFew things can be as peaceful and grounding as spending time in nature, and Mother Nature couldn’t have given us a better gift than our national parks. The America the Beautiful Pass from the National Parks Service gives you access to over 2,000 federal recreation sites. An $80 annual pass covers entrance fees for up to 4 people. It’s an economical way to explore the great(est) outdoors in our beautiful nation.

Dover Adult ColoringFor a meditative activity to quiet the mind and focus the brain, try adult coloring. These coloring books from Dover feature adult-themed, complex designs for hours of therapeutic art. And now that you’re an adult, it’s totally your choice to stay inside the lines.

Click and Grow Herb GardenGardening hones our nurturing instincts as well as our patience. No worries if you don’t have the space, sunlight or weather. Anybody can be a green thumb with the Click and Grow Smart Garden. It’s the modern way to grow your own herbs indoors without needing a lot of resources.

Improve your sleep life

Thrive Global2016 was abuzz with all the ways quality sleep is critical to a healthy body and brain. From cancer prevention to a revved metabolism to killer productivity, getting a consistent 7-8 hours can take your life to the next level. Just ask the folks at Thrive Global, Arianna Huffington’s new startup. They’ve got plenty of inspiring content from global leaders, as well as free apps and practical products to help you be your best.

Slumbr Pillow Menu The folks here at Slumbr are all about sleep wellness. We’ve evaluated over 250 pillow options and tested the best with real sleepers to create our Pillow Menu of the comfiest pillows. Take the Pillow Quiz to find the pillow that works best for your individual sleep style. A great pillow is an effortless way to get better sleep tonight and for all your 2017.

Meditation StudioWe love that meditation helps us get some zzz’s. Looking to create a traditional meditation practice on a regular basis? Meditation Studio is one of our faves. It gives you access to hours of meditations organized in “curated collections” that focus on practical areas - we especially love their Be Healthy collection that promotes a restful night of sleep and reduces stress.

Make life simpler

Credo BeautyLooking to get the junk and toxic ingredients out of your beauty routine? Credo’s got you covered. It’s a marketplace with a broad selection of beauty and cosmetic brands that offer safe, natural and effective products.

Level MoneyStressing about money is no good for anyone’s wellbeing. If your goal this year is to get a better handle on your finances by spending less and saving more, the Level Money app can help. This app takes your savings goals and expenses into account to give you a sense of what’s leftover to comfortably spend on that fresh-pressed juice or matcha latte.

ThredUpLooking to clean out your wardrobe closet in the simplest way? Thredup will send their Cleanout Bag to fill up with those skirts, heels and handbags (really almost any piece that’s in great condition) and will sell them for you. Depending on the item, you can earn up to 80% of the listing price. And if your clothes can’t be sold, they’ll donate them to charity.   

So are you ready to embrace 2017 with vibrancy and vigor? With these tools and tips, we hope we’ve made it easier and wish you a happy new year!

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