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Candace Hopkins: Artist, Entrepreneur, Cyclist

At Slumbr, we love learning about passionate people who live life to the fullest -- and get a good night’s rest.

Meet Candace Hopkins, a Georgia native, professional artist, entrepreneur and teacher with a passion for cycling. Candace has painted murals from Korea to San Francisco and is the founder of Beyond Canvas, which offers painting classes and art workshops. Candace started the company in 2013 out of a yoga studio in the North Beach neighborhood of San Francisco and today has expanded Beyond Canvas’ work throughout California. When she’s not painting, Candace can be found pursuing another one of her passions: cycling -- whether it's on her bike exploring the coasts of California or teaching spin classes (yep, she’s a certified fitness instructor who loves teaching). Candace lives in Southern California with her fiance and their adorable husky.

We asked Candace to share her advice about success and living well. Here’s Candace in her own words.

Given all you’ve known and experienced in life thus far, what does success look like to you?
Success is not defined by a number in your bank account, having the perfect wedding/upbringing, or living up to anyone else’s standards. Success is doing what you love, staying true to yourself, and not compromising your beliefs along the way.

What do you wish you could tell your younger self?
Don’t stress, there’s no point. Let a situation that’s slightly uncomfortable drive you. Try to look at things as a whole to grasp situations in their entirety. Oh yeah – and date the nice guy!

What’s cool about your job?
I make my own schedule and get to travel for work and teach others how to paint beautiful views. Through teaching regular fitness classes I get to see people transform their lives and bodies, which is SO rewarding. I love my jobs!

What’s your best advice for keeping healthy and well?
Put good food in your body! Mix up cardio and weight training for faster physical result and toning. And of course, hydrate, hydrate, hydrate and get good sleep.

How does sleep fit into your life?
I love getting a great night of sleep! When I don’t get enough quality sleep, I become less productive and less creative in the days that follow. At my best I’m in bed hours before midnight, my own personal alarm clock, and wake up with a burst of serotonin. ☺ I try to get a full 8 hours every night!

What are your best tips for prioritizing sleep?
Date someone who has good sleep patterns -- haha. And/or - stay far, far away from electronics a few hours before bed. No work in the bedroom!