A little nighttime reading

How does Slumbr price its products?

At Slumbr, we offer our pillows at a fair price without a ridiculous mark-up. We don’t take excessive profits. And we don’t hide behind inflated prices, just so we can run discount promotions that attract customers. Our products are not the lowest-priced pillows you can buy, but they are certainly one of the best values.

The materials we use are carefully chosen for their durability and feel. We partner as much as possible with domestic, family-run factories and abide by good environmental and social principles. This means our products are more costly to produce, but we think it’s worth it for a superior product.  

Some people wonder if there is such a thing as a superior pillow. They might say “a pillow is a pillow is a pillow” -- that there is no real difference in what you’re buying. But we disagree. At Slumbr, we’ve evaluated hundreds of pillows to identify the top-of-the-line materials for your comfort and satisfaction.

Although a pillow is a deceptively simple item, there is a broad array of materials available from which a manufacturer can use in their products. The differences in these materials impact:

  • Feel. The way the pillow feels when you put your head on it -- how comfortable and supportive it is
  • Recovery. The way the pillow recovers as you scrunch, fluff, flatten and maneuver it throughout the night
  • Durability. The way the pillow lasts night after night to continuously support your head/neck and remain consistent in feel
  • Cleaning. The way the pillow reacts to and holds up after cleaning

These differences derive from the conditions under which the materials are grown or manufactured. Here are some examples of the details that make our materials better:

  • The latex in our Lyra is Talalay-processed, which is a process that yields more supple, lightweight and durable latex foam
  • The buckwheat in our Ara is 100% organic, U.S.-grown. It hasn’t been fumigated or roasted. And it’s been flattened for cleaner, more consistent support that’ll last for years
  • The European down in our Cassiopeia comes from older, larger geese that have been raised sustainably in colder climates eating grass -- making their down clusters fluffier, more resilient, odorless and longer-lasting

We realize that most people don’t know that much about how pillows are made and what makes a great pillow. They mostly care if it feels comfortable and supportive.

Slumbr has parsed through the nitty gritty of pillows so you don’t have to. But you can be assured that we’ve done the homework to determine what makes a difference (and what doesn’t) for the comfort and quality of your pillow, and offer it to you for a fair price.

We price our products to deliver awesome and exceptional value -- the comfiest, long-lasting pillows at a fair price.

If you have any questions or feedback, please don’t hesitate to reach out at [email protected]. We’re happy to hear from you.

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