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Did you know that 29% of Americans sleep with only 1 pillow, while 43% sleep with 2 pillows? More than a quarter of folks sleep with 3 or more pillows! If you’re a one-pillow person, you might be wondering what all these other pillows are for.

Here are ways that sleeping with multiple pillows can improve your time in bed:

Secondary support for other parts of the body
Sleeping with a second pillow (aside from the pillow underneath your head) can enhance your comfort and support, depending on your sleep position.

  • Side sleepers can relieve pressure on their hips and lower back by placing a pillow between their knees. Pull knees up slightly towards the chest. A small, thin pillow underneath the waist may also help support the spine
  • Back sleepers can place a pillow under their knees to support the natural curve of the lower back and alleviate stress on the spine
  • Stomach sleepers can keep the spine in better alignment by placing a flat and thin pillow under the stomach and pelvis area
  • Pregnant women can sleep with a pillow between bent knees to take pressure off the lower back. Use a  body pillow or firm pillow behind the back to help maintain side sleeping. And tuck a pillow under the stomach while side sleeping to keep the back aligned and avoid neck strain

If you're looking for an ideal secondary pillow for most use cases, the Slumbr Virgo Slim + Soft Pillow  is a thinner, foldable option. The pillow's super-soft down can be maneuvered to create ideal support and height tailored to your body and position.

Using multiple pillows for better sleep

Increased support underneath the head
Some sleepers stack multiple pillows to elevate their head and upper torso while sleeping to address specific issues, including acid reflux and snoring.

Some sleepers prefer to sleep on top of multiple pillows to achieve more height just because it's more comfortable. In certain cases, this is really because the sleeper has older, flattened pillows that no longer provide enough support to keep the head/neck in alignment with the spine. They'll just stack them up to gain the needed height.

If that's the case, it's better to seek out new pillows that are fluffier and retain height longer. Ensuring your pillows are the proper height for your body and sleep position will help you avoid straining your neck, which leads to neck pain. When sleeping, your head, neck and spine should rest in neutral alignment

We do see some sleepers who require a LOT of height. They might find a pillow that feels amazing to them, but aren't able to purchase that pillow with the proper height profile. For these sleepers, we recommend buying a thinner, cheaper (but firm) pillow to use as a "base" and then stacking their preferred pillow on top. This gives just a little boost without becoming too wobbly or causing the pillows to shift out from beneath their head during the night.

If you're looking for high quality, long-lasting thicker pillows, Slumbr's Cassiopeia Luxe Down Pillow and Lyra Latex Pillow are two of our thickest pillows that provide ample height, especially for side sleepers, and last for years with proper care.

Rotating multiple pillows
We’re a fan of rotating between multiple pillow types and have written about it here. Your muscles may feel different throughout the week, as you work, play, exercise. Things like hydration and fatigue can affect the way your body feels and what kind of support it needs. It’s not uncommon to love your pillow one night but have an issue with it another night. That might just have something to do with how your body feels on that particular evening.

Some sleep doctors recommend sleeping with a softer pillow (like Slumbr's Vela Down + Feather or Orion Down Alternative) after the weekend, when your body is rested, and switching to a firmer, more supportive pillow (like Slumbr's Ara Buckwheat or Lyra Latex) later after a week of work and stress. For these reasons, some sleepers choose to keep various pillow options around, depending on how they feel that night.

To boost comfort and security
Weighted blankets have been proven to help with anxiety, stress and even sleep disorders. Hugging a pillow in bed or resting with a pillow on top of your stomach or legs can have a similar soothing effect. Some sleepers even admit to snuggling up with a second pillow when their partner is away as another form of comfort and support.

Slumbr's Vela Down + Feather Pillow is an scrunchable, huggable pillow to snuggle up with. Alternatively, customers have reported therapeutic benefits from resting our heavier, denser Ara Buckwheat Pillow on their legs or bellies.

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