A little nighttime reading


According to the National Sleep Foundation, 70% of Americans sleep with 2 or more pillows in their bed. 12% sleep with at least 4 pillows. And single adults actually sleep with more pillows on their bed on average than married/partnered adults.

What are people doing with all these pillows?

  • First, there are those who like to sleep with a pillow in a secondary place -- perhaps between their legs, under their backs or with their arms wrapped around it
  • Some prefer to sleep with multiple pillows stacked underneath their heads to gain support or height
  • Others like different types of pillows for various uses -- one for sleeping and another for bedtime reading for example
  • It could even be for decoration; some sleepers love the luxurious look of lots of pillows at the head of their bed, like in a hotel

But then there are sleepers that have figured out how pillow rotating can be great for uninterrupted sleep and increased comfort during the night.

What is pillow rotating?
It’s when you use different types of pillow on different nights, depending on how your body feels. The premise is that your comfort needs will vary as your body goes through changes that impact your sleep throughout the week or month. Your body may “call” for a different pillow type. Some sleep specialists recommend changing pillows and mixing things up, as your body can respond differently depending on the pillow you choose.

Consider the factors that impact how your body and the way you physically feel changes during the week:

  • Carrying the stress of a work week in your muscles (vs. a weekend of leisure)
  • When and how hard you work out or get physical activity from day to day
  • What you eat and drink
  • How your hormones fluctuate, especially for women with menstrual cycles or menopausal symptoms
  • How aches and pains can come and go

These fluctuations in your lifestyle and your body’s reactions impact how your body feels at night, which ultimately affects your sleep quality. It makes sense that different types of pillows will support you in different ways, depending on what your body needs.

For example, if you’re relaxed during the weekend while catching up on ZZZ’s, you may love cuddling up to a fluffy, snuggly-soft down pillow (like Slumbr's Cassiopeia Luxe Down Pillow). Yet, later in the week, as the work week progresses, maybe your neck needs the ultra-firm support of a firmer pillow (like Slumbr's Ara Buckwheat Pillow) to melt stress away.

At Slumbr, we of course have access to many pillow types and experience the benefits of switching up our pillow choice, depending on how our body feels that night or which sleep position feels most comfortable. You’ll likely find it enough to have 2 different kinds of pillows on rotation. Maybe it’s a soft and a firm. Or a thick and a thin. If you invest in premium pillows, with proper care, these pillows can last you a very long time.

If you’re interested in outfitting your bed with a new option to add into the pillow rotation, check out Slumbr’s Pillow Menu of high quality pillows. You’ll find pillows to fit a variety of sleep needs for any given night.