Why does Slumbr have a return fee?

If you’re a customer curious to try a Slumbr pillow, you may wonder why we have a $15 return fee in our 30 Moon trial policy. We understand the concern. With many companies these days offering customers free shipping and free returns, our return policy may not seem as generous. Let us explain why.

It’s important that our customers have the opportunity to touch, feel and sleep on our products for an ample amount of time -- without taking the risk of not being able to return a pillow that doesn’t work for them.

Returns are a necessary but costly part of doing business for any company that sells products. At Slumbr, we incur additional costs for handling returns other companies may not because:

  1. Pillows are bulky to ship. It costs more to ship a pillow than (for instance) a shirt, shoes or books to and from a customer
  2. By law, Slumbr cannot resell a used pillow that has been returned. This explains why many specialty pillow retailers do not accept returns at all.  At Slumbr, we recycle or donate pillows that our customers return to us.

Like many new and small businesses, we don’t have the systems or deep pockets to simply absorb all these costs without impact. Every dollar we make helps us keep the lights on, cover our production costs and invest for growth.

Therefore in the simplest terms, we charge a return fee to help offset the losses we take on every return.

Some companies might try to cover up the cost of returns by charging a higher price, which affects all customers, including those who didn’t return anything. Alternatively, some companies offer pillows at seemingly reasonable prices, but produce something that's made with low-quality materials and construction -- so they have plenty of margin to take on the inevitable returns from dissatisfied customers. We don’t do this.

At Slumbr, we strive to offer our customers as much value as we can -- in the quality of our products and the experience we deliver. We may not offer the lowest-priced pillows, but our prices are in line with the level of quality we deliver. You can read more here if you’re curious how we price our products.

If you have any questions or feedback on our policy, please don’t hesitate to reach out at [email protected]. We appreciate your support and understanding.

We want our customers to feel confident sleeping on our pillows. So we hope you’ll take advantage of our 30 Moon trial period to see just how much better bedtime can be.