Luxe Down Pillow
Filled with the loftiest, plushest European goose down, this pillow is our most luxuriously plump and soft.
We regret to report that we have recently taken the tough decision to close down our pillow shop and will not be restocking the Cassiopeia. If you'd like alternative options for pillows from other reputable manufacturers, we're happy to help. Just email [email protected]. As a small business, we deeply appreciate the support of our customers over the years and apologize for any disappointment.

Get the Cassiopeia Luxe Down Pillow if you want to be a little self-indulgent and transform your sleep space. Filled with the finest, long-lasting European goose down, we love how this pillow cradles in billowy, marshmallowy softness. The airy-light Cassiopeia is great for snuggling, but remains supportive.

Because it's all-down, the Cassiopeia will settle and gently diminish in loft over time, like most beloved down pillows. But no need to worry about waking up overnight with your pillow flattening out, as can happen with feather pillows (given their quill shape, feathers will flatly settle on top of each other).

Because this is incredibly high quality goose down, from geese raised in ideal conditions, the down clusters will be larger, fluffier, odorless and will retain their durability longer (vs. other down pillows). The down is encased in a luxurious batiste-woven down-proof shell weaved in Germany; it's lightweight and smooth while being extremely durable.

To get a sense for how the Cassiopeia "feels" and how it moves, check out the 2nd video in our image gallery (to the right).

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Standard size (20" x 26"), fits standard pillowcases
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- Filled with 16 oz of 800 fill power European goose down
- This down preserves its loft longer for the most resilient and consistent feel
- Our down is responsibly-sourced and rigorously/sustainably cleaned to hypoallergenic standards
- Its tightly-woven soft cover is 100% down-proof, luxurious batiste-woven in Germany and certified STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® (for product safety). This cover is lightweight, smooth and extremely durable.
- No flame retardants used or added

See FAQ for more detailed information.

Standard size (20" x 26"), fits standard pillowcases
Cover made in Germany
Sewn and filled in the USA

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Natural Fill
"I love going to bed every night with this pillow. It's like I'm nestling my head in soft, fluffy clouds. I didn't think a pillow could feel this good."
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