• Pillow-Finding Questions
    • Can I really find a pillow online without touching and feeling it?

      We believe our site provides deep and useful information, presented in an easy-to-understand, organized way. Our site arms you with the insight to feel confident finding a pillow that fits your sleep life. Most of us have enough experience with pillows to have a sense for what works for us. It's usually a matter of finding high-quality pillows that fit those qualities in an exceptional way. The problem with most pillow shopping, especially in stores, is that pillow packaging contains little helpful information, and you end up feeling your way through pillows without much guidance as to what makes each special. You'd likely find yourself squishing pillows through plastic or laying your head on them while standing up, which is no better way to pick a pillow.

      No worries about buying a pillow online, however, as Slumbr offers its 30 Moons return policy, which makes it easier to try a pillow online.

    • How important is a pillow to sleep (vs mattress and other factors)?

      91% of Americans have said that a comfortable pillow is important to a good night's sleep. We agree. Of course, a mattress and many other factors can enhance or detract from your sleep experience. However, a new mattress can cost you hundreds, even thousands, of dollars. The right pillow supports body alignment and comfort for restful, uninterrupted sleep. If you've ever slept on a terrible pillow, you likely have felt the pain the next day. Getting a new pillow is a very cost-effective way to improve your sleep, and given how precious sleep is these days, we figure it's worth it!

    • How can I tell if it's time to replace my current pillow?

      You'll know it's time to replace your pillow once it no longer supports your head and neck the way it did when you first bought it. Some sleep specialists recommend putting any soft and fluffy pillow through the fold test: fold the pillow in half, and if it doesn't spring back to its original form, it's time to replace it. That said, the general rule of thumb is that if you use an inexpensive, polyester-fill pillow, you should replace it every 6 months. You can usually tell when this type of pillow has run its course; it flattens, lumps, clumps and loses support. If your pillow is yellowed with stains and dirt, it's definitely time to replace it. If you are not using a pillow protector with your pillow, specialists recommend you replace it after 2 years or less time, particularly if you do not wash your pillow. By this time, this pillow will have accumulated body oils, dust mites and dead skin. However, if you have bought a high-quality pillow (like one from Slumbr), with proper care and encased in a pillow protector, such a pillow can last you anywhere from 3 - 10 years.

    • How many pillows should I be sleeping with?

      This is a personal preference. Many people find that sleeping with a second pillow can add comfort and support in various positions. In some cases, rotating a set of pillows during the week is beneficial. We find that some nights, our body feels better with a certain type of pillow and other nights, it prefers something else. One prominent sleep doctor recommends using a softer, fluffy pillow in the beginning of the week after you've emerged from a restful weekend. As the week proceeds, your body picks up the stresses of the work week and may benefit from sleeping on a firmer, more therapeutically supportive pillow. We’ve studied sleepers who use a secondary pillow for support. Some side sleepers enjoy a pillow between their knees to relieve pressure on their hips and spine. And some stomach sleepers like to have a pillow under their stomach, while back sleepers tend to like a pillow placed under their knees to alleviate lower back stress. Many pregnant women like to sleep with a body pillow. So go on -- buy another pillow!

  • General Slumbr Pillow Questions
    • Your pillows are more expensive than many pillows I see in the store. Why should I spend more?

      Actually, if you compare the quality of our pillows apples-to-apples with pillows sold in department stores and other retailers, you'll find we offer better pillows at better prices - so you get a lot of value. However, we understand you can get deals or sales at many stores, but these are often on mass-produced, poorer quality pillows. There's a reason why it's often difficult to find detailed information on pillow packaging and web sites; these companies don't want you to understand what you're really buying. These pillows at discount are usually inexpensive and typically hold up for about 6 months because they tend to degrade, clump and flatten. And within months you'll be lured once again into buying cheap pillow replacements.

      Why not just buy high-quality Slumbr pillows that hold up over time? If you take care of these quality pillows, you'll get enduring sleep comfort that'll often cost less in the long run. Just do the math. If you buy a $20 pillow every 6 months, you'll spend $200 over 5 years. Compare that with one of our pillows that is likely to last you beyond 5 years with proper care.

    • Do you offer other pillow sizes besides Standard?

      Currently, we are only offering Standard size (about 20" x 26") for most of our pillows. The one exception is our Ara buckwheat pillow, which measures 14" x 20". As buckwheat pillows are relatively heavy, denser and maneuverable, we feel this size is more manageable in a smaller form factor. We are in the process of working out how to offer King-size pillows. If you are interested in purchasing King-size pillows, please let us know at [email protected]. As a small business, customer feedback is super important in helping us determine how to expand our offering in a way that best serves the needs of our customers.

    • How do I take care of my Slumbr pillow?

      With proper pillow care, our high-quality pillows will last long. Please see our Product Care page for care instructions.

    • Why don't you offer a memory foam pillow?

      Memory foam pillows are some of the most popular and are readily available. Some folks love their memory foam pillow, while others absolutely cannot sleep on them. The feeling of a memory foam pillow can often be described as spongy and “pudding-like.” You generally sink into memory foam, and it "sort-of" contours to your body. Because memory foam pillows are pretty firm and not malleable, if the pillow hits your head and neck in ways that don't fit the contours of your individual body, it can cause pressure points.

      We generally believe there are better alternatives to this type of pillow. Memory foam pillows can sleep hot and sometimes compress too much, such that you sink into a too-hard surface. They can also off-gas significantly, causing a distinct odor.

      If you like a spongy, foam-like feel, we suggest our Lyra Latex Pillow, which is more pressure-relieving and elevating than foam. The Lyra will feel springier than memory foam. If you like a firm, stable pillow, we suggest our breathable, organic Ara Buckwheat Pillow. Its firmness is not as harsh on the head, given it cradles in contours personalized to your body. Buckwheat can be molded, and its thickness can be adjusted throughout the night if needed.

    • Do your pillows have flame retardants in them?

      None of our pillows are sprayed or treated with flame retardants.

    • Do your pillows contain other chemicals? Are they organic?

      Slumbr strives to offer the comfiest pillows for a variety of sleep styles and comfort needs, so the materials with which each pillow is made also varies.

      Cassiopeia, Virgo, Vela, Orion: The pillow covers are made with conventionally grown cotton and were not treated with wrinkle-resistance chemicals. However, these covers are certified STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®, which is a rigorous, independent certification for product and chemical safety standards. See more about OEKO-TEX here. The down and feathers used in the Cassiopeia, Virgo and Vela are sustainably sourced (see below in the FAQ for more details under “SLUMBR PILLOW MENU PRODUCT DETAIL QUESTIONS.”)

      Ara: The Ara is filled with 100% U.S.-grown organic buckwheat hulls. The buckwheat hulls have been dusted, triple-cleaned and frozen. They do not contain pesticides, herbicides or other chemical agents. The pillow cover that encases the buckwheat is unbleached cotton muslin, which is conventionally grown (not organic).

      Lyra: The Lyra is made with a blended Talalay latex material, which contains both natural latex (from the sap of a rubber tree) and synthetic latex (which is petro-chemical based). The pillow cover that encases the latex fill is made of a knit polyester fabric. Latex is not like memory foam; it does not contain plastics or polyurethane. The Talalay latex from which the Lyra is made is certified STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®, which is a rigorous, independent certification for product and chemical safety standards. See more about OEKO-TEX here.

      No flame retardants have been used or added to our pillows.

    • Do your pillows have an odor? How do they smell?

      In the majority of cases, people do not notice a distinctive smell with our pillows after having them for a couple weeks, and pillowcases typically mitigate any odors. Still, we realize some people will be sensitive to the smells of each fill. Our Lyra Latex Pillow has the strongest odor when you initially receive it. We find that this smell will dissipate over time after airing out, but if you're especially sensitive to smells, you may continue to notice a faint odor. Our Orion Down Alternative Pillow is our most odorless, and most people will not notice any smell with our Virgo and Cassiopeia down pillows. You may notice a faint smell of feathers with the Vela Down + Feather Pillow. Our Ara Buckwheat Pillow has a fresh, woodsy smell, but this is often pleasant and clean. After you get used to this, you likely won't smell the buckwheat hulls unless you open the zippered cover.

    • Do your pillows make noise?

      You may find this to be an odd question, but we address it because some people are surprised to hear the noise that our Ara Buckwheat Pillow can make. As the buckwheat hulls shift, they can make a gentle rustling noise. However, buckwheat hulls also settle and lock quietly into place so most of the time, you won't hear any noise. Some might also be sensitive to a bit of a crunching noise as their head and ears settle into the pillow. But most folks aren't irritated by this issue, and if it annoys you when you first get your pillow, we recommend giving it a few days to get used to. You'll likely find it soothing over time.

  • Pillow Recommendation Questions
    • I hate when pillows sleep hot. Which is your coolest pillow?

      All of our pillows are relatively breathable and do not hold heat like memory foam pillows can. However, if you're looking for the coolest pillow we sell, that would be our Ara Buckwheat Pillow. Buckwheat hulls allow air to flow through easily so heat never builds up. You can stick your Ara in a fridge or freezer to cool it down before bed, but it only stays super cool for about 20 minutes.

    • What if I have allergies?

      If you have strong respiratory allergies or asthma, we highly recommend you use a pillow protector if you choose our down and feather pillows. Our down and feather fills are cleaned extensively to hypoallergenic standards. However, it's often not the down/feather that causes an issue; it's typically the dust mites that may accumulate on the pillows over time. Because many down and feather pillows last so long (some people keep theirs for decades!), they tend to build up dust mites and allergens over time. Thus, these types of pillows can be associated with allergies. Dust-mite-proof pillow protectors that are cleaned regularly enable people with allergies to use those pillows. We consider our Ara Buckwheat, Orion Down Alternative and Lyra Latex pillows to be hypoallergenic because people with allergies use these pillows with little issue. Regardless, we recommend following our Product Care instructions to keep your pillow as fresh and dust-mite-free as possible. And if you have a buckwheat or natural latex sensitivity, we of course would not recommend purchasing our pillows with these fills.

    • What's the best pillow for snorers?

      Snoring is often attributed to sleep apnea, weight gain, smoking and/or allergies. Although as we age, our breathing passages narrow, which can trigger snoring as air causes vibration in the back of the mouth. At the end of the day, a pillow will not cure snoring. However, any regular snorer should ensure they are sleeping on a comfortable pillow that is an appropriate height for your body and sleep position, so as not to exacerbate the issue. If your head is pushed too far forward or back while sleeping on your pillow, it can constrict the throat and cause snoring. If you're not overweight and your snoring is relatively minor, avoiding back sleeping will often decrease your snoring. If you can sleep on your side instead, our Lyra Latex Pillow promotes side sleeping with its relatively thick profile. Some people have tried propping our Ara Buckwheat Pillow (which is denser and stable) behind their back to gently prevent themselves from rolling on their backs. Some customers swear that our Ara Buckwheat Pillow in particular has diminished their snoring. We find this pillow offers stable and consistent support for the neck/throat, which can help keep airways clear.

    • What's the best pillow for pregnant women?

      Doctors generally recommend that pregnant women 5 months+ into their pregnancy should sleep on their side, particularly their left side to increase the amount of blood and nutrients to the placenta and to protect the liver. For extra support, you can prop a pillow under your tummy or between your legs while on your side. There are several extra-long maternity pillows options, although plenty of moms do fine with a body pillow. While Slumbr doesn't currently offer a special maternity or body pillow, we would recommend our Virgo Slim + Soft Down Pillow to add extra support under the stomach or between the legs. Once the baby is born, you can use the pillow for continued secondary support or as a great sleeping pillow under your head. Additionally, as you're sleeping on your side, our Lyra Latex Pillow in particular promotes and supports side sleeping with its higher, thicker profile and pressure-relieving surface. This will also prop your head higher to put less pressure on your diaphragm and make breathing easier.

  • Slumbr Pillow Menu Product Detail Questions
    • Are your buckwheat pillow hulls flattened or intact?

      The organic buckwheat hulls in our Ara Buckwheat Pillow have gone through extra processes of flattening, dusting and air cleaning. There are pros and cons to flattened vs. intact hulls. Intact buckwheat hulls have not gone through the flattening process and typically look like little pyramids. If left intact, the hulls can provide a bit of a "fluffier" feel and fosters a bit more air circulation. At Slumbr, we prefer flattened hulls. Intact hulls can sometimes poke through the pillowcase. They also take up more room. So if your pillow contains intact hulls, your pillow's feel will change over time because these hulls flatten naturally with use. This may mean you need to add hulls in the future to maintain support, and it can also cause excess dust to collect as the hulls flatten. Our Ara's flattened hulls will remain smooth, soft and consistent-feeling. This also helps the hulls to stay dry with no collection of odor or moisture. Note that our US-grown hulls are not fumigated (as you can find with imported hulls).

    • How are the buckwheat hulls sourced for the Ara buckwheat pillow?

      The Ara is filled with 100% organic buckwheat hulls grown in the U.S. The hulls have been dusted, triple-cleaned and frozen. They do not contain pesticides, herbicides or other chemical agents.

    • How do I change the support level for my Ara buckwheat pillow?

      The Ara Buckwheat Pillow comes with a zippered cover casing that holds the buckwheat hull fill. You can remove hulls to adjust the pillow thickness to your preference. Make sure that you stand the pillow up so the zippered end is on top when removing hulls. Use a cup to scoop out hulls to your preference. You can store the extra hulls in a jar or bag to add back in at any time. If you're a stomach sleeper, we recommend you remove hulls for a flatter pillow.

    • Why does your Ara Buckwheat Pillow come in a smaller size than standard pillows?

      Buckwheat as a pillow fill is denser and heavier than other types of fills. Having a larger standard sized pillow filled with buckwheat can get really heavy and almost overwhelming in bed. We find that more people prefer the smaller size of our Ara. Its 14" x 20" dimension is large enough to support the head, but is more manageable when adjusting around the contours of the head. That size also makes it easier to travel with the pillow. Other pillows, like our Vela Down + Feather Pillow, that are softer and more scrunchable, benefit from being larger so you have more surface area to manipulate. Because buckwheat pillows lock into place, you don't need as much pillow surface to maneuver throughout the night.

    • How is the European goose down in your Cassiopeia pillow better than the duck down in the Virgo pillow?

      Our Cassiopeia Luxe Down Pillow features some of the finest European goose down from such countries as Hungary and the Ukraine. Don't worry -- the duck down in our Virgo pillow is soft, fluffy and has all the great qualities of down. However we are offering our Cassiopeia pillow primarily for side and back sleepers, who require a higher pillow, and its goose down is fitting because it retains the most loft and fullness. European goose down comes from larger, more mature birds that live in colder climates, which promotes thicker, better insulating down. And European goose down tends to hold its loft longer and is more durable over time. So if you want to enjoy the best of the best in down fills, we recommend our Cassiopeia.

    • How is the fill in your down and feather pillows cleaned?

      Our down and feather fills go through a rigorous washing process, where it is washed multiple times in biodegradable, environmentally-friendly detergent and recycled water. The fill is also de-dusted and shipped in containers that prevent things like dirt and oil from contaminating it. The down and feather fills in our Cassiopeia, Virgo and Vela pillows are rigorously tested to ensure they are free of chemicals and irritants. We would consider our down pillows safe for asthma and allergy sufferers, especially when used in conjunction with a pillow protector. Our down undergoes a turbidity test. 400mm+ is considered hypoallergenic, and our down consistently measures 1,000mm+, indicating the fill in these pillows is one of the cleanest available.

    • How is the fill in your down and feather pillows sourced?

      Our down materials are bluesign® approved. This is a very high standard within the textiles industry that ensures the down and feathers in our pillows were sourced sustainably and responsibly. It's also a measure that indicates the safety of our product. Our down is sourced with animal welfare in mind. Quality standards are governed by bird maturity, climate, breed, species, sustainability and deep concern for animal welfare.

    • Is your Talalay latex pillow 100% natural? What is Talalay latex?

      Latex refers to a material comprised of liquid rubber whipped with air to form a foam. You might hear about Talalay vs. Dunlop latex foam. This really refers to the way latex is processed. At Slumbr, we prefer Talalay latex because it produces a more durable, consistent-feeling, supple and airy foam. Our Lyra pillow is made with both natural (made from rubber tree sap) and synthetic latex rubber (styrene-butadiene). The reason that we use a blended latex fill is because it produces a slightly firmer, less squishy feel more often preferred by sleepers in our testing. Latex is not like memory foam; it does not contain plastics or polyurethane. The Talalay latex from which the Lyra is made is certified STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®, which is a rigorous, independent certification for product and chemical safety standards. See more about OEKO-TEX here.

  • Questions About Purchases
    • Do you offer a warranty on your products?

      We have our 30 Moon return policy, which we believe will give you a sufficient amount of time to discover any defects that may have been present in the product when it was shipped to you. We will also replace any defective or faulty product for up to 1 year from purchase for pillows purchased by our customers directly from Slumbr.com. But if at any time, you have an issue with our products that would not be a result of normal wear and tear, please let us know! Your satisfaction is important to us, and we want to ensure you have the best product experience possible.

    • How can I cancel my order?

      If you'd like to cancel an order, please contact us at [email protected].

    • How can I see the status of my order?

      If you registered to create a Slumbr account, log in to your account by going to Account in the top right section of the web site. You'll see your order status in My Dashboard, or go to My Orders, where you can then View Orders. If you did not create a Slumbr account, please contact us at [email protected].

  • Questions About Slumbr
    • Do you give to charity or have other philanthropic efforts?

      At Slumbr, we believe in doing good for our customers, our environment and the world. We strive to conduct business with the highest standards and a lot of integrity. We are currently in the process of evaluating philanthropic causes that are a fit with our mission at Slumbr. We'll surely keep you posted.

    • Do you have a brick-and-mortar store where I can buy your products locally? Is there a place to try or see these pillows near where I am?

      At this time, we do not have a physical store where you can touch and feel our products or purchase them locally. We strive to create an online experience that arms you with the clearest and most useful information to make a great decision on which pillow to choose. We also offer our 30 Moon return policy just in case your purchase isn't right for you.

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