Latex Pillow
Provides high support in a pressure-relieving, elevating foam with a springy feel.
We regret to report that we have recently taken the tough decision to close down our pillow shop and will not be restocking the Lyra. If you'd like alternative options for pillows from other reputable manufacturers, we're happy to help. Just email [email protected]. As a small business, we deeply appreciate the support of our customers over the years and apologize for any disappointment.

The Lyra Latex Pillow has a resilient and buoyant foam-like feel that provides pressure-relieving support. The pillow never flattens. It has a surface that provides soft give and squish balanced with a substantive feel. You won't get that gradual "sinking" feel you get with memory foam. Instead, your head will feel lifted, almost floating. Unlike down or feather fills, the Lyra's latex fill won't shift around or out from underneath your head at night.

Latex has a natural springiness. The Lyra is not overly high, but it does retain height that supports the neck, especially when side sleeping.

Latex is considered hypoallergenic and breathable. (Note: We do not recommend the Lyra if you have a latex allergy.)

To get a sense for how the Lyra "feels," how it moves and its springiness, check out the 2nd video in our image gallery (to the right).

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Fits standard pillowcases
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- Made with 100% Talalay-processed latex (a blend of natural and synthetic)
- Talalay latex has a softer, more consistently supple feel with great breathability
- Latex fill is certified STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® (for product safety)
- The pillow's zippered cover is an open weave knit fabric for increased breathability
- No flame retardants used or added
See FAQ for more detailed information.
Fits standard pillowcases 20" x 26"
Made in the USA

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Allergen Resistant
It has a similar feel to memory foam, but doesn't sleep as hot. Unlike memory foam, it feels springier though. Kinda fun!
The Lyra's great for side sleeping. Whatever your sleep position, find out the pros and cons for your health. Read More

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