Buckwheat Pillow
    Provides stable, super firm and therapeutic support with buckwheat that contours to your head and neck.



      Popular in Asia, buckwheat pillows are especially good for those with head, neck and shoulder issues and is recommended for therapeutic purposes.

      If you're regularly visiting a chiropractor and looking for a pillow for neck pain, the Ara Buckwheat Pillow would be our first recommendation. The buckwheat hulls can be adjusted to contour to your body for personalized support. They then solidly lock into place for consistent, stable support. This is our firmest pillow; some might even call it "hard." The Ara has a distinct feel that takes some getting used to, but its ardent fans swear by it for uninterrupted, deep sleep. Some alternate using the Ara with a softer pillow during the week, depending on how their body feels.

      The Ara is a relatively heavy pillow. Its smaller size (a compact 14x20") offsets the pillow's dense heftiness. Its zippered cover allows you to remove or add buckwheat to your preference for a thicker or thinner profile, which makes the Ara suitable for all types of sleepers.

      Buckwheat is considered naturally hypoallergenic. (Note: We do not recommend the Ara if you have a buckwheat flour allergy.) It is also one of the most breathable pillows out there that sleeps cool. When the buckwheat adjusts, it makes a gentle rustling noise, which will subside once you settle in for the night.

      To get a sense for how the Ara Buckwheat Pillow "feels," its firmness and how it moves, check out the 2nd video in our image gallery (to the right).

      Not sure if the Ara is for you? Take the Slumbr Pillow Quiz to find your comfiest pillow.

      Compact size (14" x 20"), comes with fit-to-size pillowcase


      - Filled with 5 pounds of 100% organic buckwheat grown in the USA
      - Hulls have been dusted, triple-cleaned and frozen. They do not contain pesticides, herbicides or other chemical agents
      - The hulls are flattened for consistent feel and to avoid poking through the cover
      - The pillow has a zippered unbleached cotton cover + pillowcase
      - Hulls can be removed for adjustable thickness
      - Remove hulls for stomach sleeping
      - No flame retardants used or added

      See FAQ for more information.

      Compact size (14" x 20"), comes with fit-to-size pillowcase
      Cover made in USA
      Sewn and filled in the USA
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      by Carol

      Customized neck support

      Finally a relief from cronic AM neck pain and headaches. I skeptically ordered an ARA pillow as an alternative to memory foam, but with the great return policy from Slumbr there was nothing to lose. When it arrived and I felt how hard it was I was surprised. But after just three nights sleep with the ARA I have to say getting use to it was not an issue. There was little to no noise, and the firmness was perfect. The difference I notices right away was the memory foam remembers short term and then the support fades away, the ARA will stay in whatever form you put it, need more room for an ear, nose, cheek just push it in place and it will stay there until you change it. I sleep on both side and my back, and it was fine in all positions. The smaller size is perfect you do not need anything bigger. I did remove some of the buckwheat, as I like a fairly flat pillow that will not push my neck and head sideways. I would highly recommend this pillow to anyone with neck problems from sleeping with incorrect support.
      by Colette

      Worth the wait!!

      I had been searching for the perfect pillow for a long time! Something firm, but more importantly, something that stayed colder during the night. I thought that what I wanted didn't exist, but the Ara came along and I am absolutely obsessed! I love the feel, the support, the temperature. It could not be more of a perfect fit!
      by Maya

      ARA is the ONLY pillow I'll ever use again

      I was curious about the Ara as I've never used a buckwheat pillow before. After about a week of use, I'm TOTALLY in love. The pillow somehow minimizes how much I move during the night, with the result that I'm waking up less and feel very well-rested every morning! Totally recommend trying this out. I went back to my regular down pillow for a few days and sure enough, waking up a little more at nights.
      by Gayitri

      Amazing pillow!

      I am generally tempted to sleep on my stomach, but it has become too painful for my lower back and neck. What I love about the Ara is it keeps my neck in place, and has helped train me to sleep on my back, and wake up without pain. Highly recommend it.
      by Kim

      My pillow search is finally over.

      For years I've been in search for a pillow I could call my own. I've tried all kinds at all price points and even at one point was desperate enough to try folding a towel and using it as a pillow (suggestion from somewhere online). I'm a side/back sleeper with some back issues and really value my rest and sleep. My perfect pillow is one that isn't too soft nor too firm; supports my head and neck well; with just enough give to be comfortable. I've been using Ara for about a month now and love it! Thank you Slumbr for a pain-free neck and restful sleep!
      by Kel

      Amazing! I thought chronic neck pain was going to haunt me forever. So thankful to have discovered this pillow!

      Who would have thought a pillow filled with buckwheat would be my favorite? After years of chronic neck pain and exploring various methods for addressing it (purchasing many different types of pillow, massage, physical therapy, ect.) I found a winner with the Ara. And since I could return it if it didn't work (unlike all the other pillows I tried) I knew I had nothing to lose. But I didn't have to return it. I am going on 7 months of happy use and nearly no neck pain. Super impressed.
      by adug

      Amazing relief of neck pain

      I am a side sleeper and have been struggling to find the right pillow for the last 3 years. I was waking up every morning with horrible neck pain. A friend suggested I check out Slumbr and within minutes I had the Ara on its way to me. I've had it for 4 days now and have noticed a significant improvement in how I feel when I wake up. I highly recommend this pillow and Slumbr!
      by Vu

      Better than memory foam...

      After receiving the pillow in the mail, I had some doubts about how comfortable buckwheat would be to sleep on. It was kind of hard. But after a month, I can report that the Ara improved my sleep quite a bit. I previously had a memory foam pillow and that was OK, but I’ve recently started occasionally snoring and was wondering if my sleep quality was as good as it could be. What I’ve realized was that with the Ara, I don’t toss and turn as much. Most of the time now, I stay on my back the entire night, which is kind of a surprise. I still keep my memory foam around for the one downside to the Ara. It’s not high enough to read with my head propped up, so my pre-snooze routine is with the memory foam. Otherwise, for sleep, it’s the best yet!
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      "At first it took me some time to get used to its unique feel, but now I can't imagine sleeping on anything else! It's like my head is locked into place. This pillow is incredibly firm but comfortable. I've stopped tossing and turning."

      Got neck pain? Here how the Ara Buckwheat Pillow can help.

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