Down + Feather Pillow
    A classic pillow with the scrunchable support of feathers surrounded by soft, fluffy down.


      The Vela Down + Feather Pillow is the type of big fluffy down-feather pillow you're likely to find in a classic hotel bed. We love this pillow because it is dual-chambered, with the crisp, hefty support of feathers at its core surrounded by a layer of fluffy-smooth down. And no feathers poking or prodding through against your head.

      With a scrunchable, huggable feel, this is a great pillow for those who like to maneuver the fill throughout the night to add head and neck support. This is especially useful for those that need medium-height support when side sleeping but want the flexibility to switch to a lower height appropriate for stomach sleeping. However, we don't recommend this pillow for those who sleep on their backs frequently; as the pillow compresses and settles during the night, it can put pressure on the back of the head.

      To get a sense for how the Vela "feels" and scrunches, check out the 2nd video in our image gallery (to the right).

      Not sure if the Vela is for you? Take the Slumbr Pillow Quiz to find your comfiest pillow. Or contact [email protected], and we'd be happy to make a recommendation.

      Standard size (20" x 26"), fits standard pillowcases
      Interested in a King-sized version? Click here.


      - Has an inner pocket of feathers, surrounded by a layer of 550 fill power down
      - 24 oz of feathers, 8 oz of duck down
      - Our down is responsibly-sourced and rigorously/sustainably cleaned to hypoallergenic standards
      - The pillow's soft cover is 100% down-proof, 300-thread count damask cotton and certified STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® (for product safety)
      - No flame retardants used or added

      See FAQ for more detailed information.

      Standard size (20" x 26"), fits standard pillowcases
      Cover made in China
      Sewn and filled in China
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      You might like this if you:
      - Like your pillow to have a touch of heft but still be soft.
      - Want to replicate the luxury hotel pillow feel without "breaking the bank"
      - You toss and turn a lot and like to mold your pillow around your head/neck

      by Amanda

      fantastic pillow and the best customer service

      I absolutely love this pillow! I used to wake up with a sore neck quite often, but not anymore. This pillow molds perfectly to my neck when I scrunch it up to sleep on my side. On my back, I have to make sure to scrunch it to fill the space in my neck, but when I do that, it's awesome! And, I had trouble finding the right pillow for me at first. The team at Slumbr were fantastic about helping me make sure I had the best possible pillow. I will definitely buy another pillow from Slumbr!
      by Sue

      Love, love, love this pillow!

      The first time I slept with this pillow I woke up feeling so refreshed. The pillow molds to my head and neck and I just love burying my face in it. Every night when I lay down on my pillow all of the tensions of the day just melt away.
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      "My husband has already stolen this pillow from me! It's soft and fluffy, but it's still got some substance to it. It's perfect for molding around my head."

      How can I get that luxury hotel bed look and feel at home?

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