Down Alternative Pillow
      by Helen

      Versatile pillow

      This pillow is great! Not too firm, not too soft, perfect for a restful night of sleep at a reasonable price. Slumbr is the best!
      by CaitD

      Fantastic Quality Product

      I actually started with the Vela and thought the down lost shape and I ended up constantly having to readjust. I then exchanged it for the Orion and this is the best pillow for me! I am a stomach/side sleeper in a 1/2 and 1/2 at the same time kind of way and this pillow is perfect. I've had it for a week so far of blissful sleep. Definitely recommend and talk to the staff if you're not sure they were really helpful! I now have to buy one for my boyfriend cause he keeps trying to steal mine!
      by Mike

      Great Luxurious Down Alternative

      Great pillow! I've had trouble finding the right pillow because I don't just sleep in one position. This pillow is luxuriously squishy yet supportive no matter how I sleep. I'm getting a second Orion pillow after spending a week sleeping beautifully on the first one.
      by Koquelicot

      Getting used to luxury

      I've been enjoying my Orion so much my other pillow now feels too hard and uncomfortable. I hate rolling over to that side of the bed. Time for two Orions :-)
      by Elsa

      A pillow for a good night of sleep

      I had been having trouble sleeping, tossing and turning because the arch of my neck wasn't resting comfortably on my pillow. Then I tried this pillow after taking the pillow quiz. Now I have the support and comfort needed without tossing and turning to find the sweet spot. This pillow is soft yet firm like other reviewers mentioned. I love it.
      by Sue

      A pillow with heavenly lasting comfort.

      This pillow is so soft and fluffy, yet supportive! It does not flatten and get hard. You just relax into it; either on your side or back.
      by Kristine

      Stays fluffy

      I got this pillow a few weeks ago and have been loving it! I start out sleeping on my side and normally end up on my back. It's perfect for both. I think my old pillows are from Macy's or something, nothing expensive. I get delighted every time I sink into the fluff of this slumbr pillow. It doesn't squish down like most high end down pillows but stays fluffy into the morning.
      by Haley

      Pillow Heaven!

      Talk about a good night's sleep! What an amazing pillow! Soft yet firm. It's the perfect fit for my sleeping habits. Even my grandson tried to take it from me so I will have to buy him his own pillows. Thank you!

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