Latex Pillow
      by Whitney H.

      Amazing pillow -- wake up refreshed!

      This pillow is amazing! I've tried so many pillows that promise a good night's sleep, but the Lyra is the only one that's actually delivered on that promise. I'm finally sleeping through the night again and I wake up feeling refreshed. Now I look forward to going to bed every night because I know how comfortable a pillow can be.
      by Leah

      Pleasant Surprise

      First, I loved the packaging... and the product itself is DOPE. I slept so good the first night... no neck and shoulder pain (which was the reason I was looking for a new pillow). Definitely a quality product, it is so springy... my head is cradled, but doesn't sink. I waited to sleep with it 2 nights before writing this review, because i wanted to test my experience. I'm glad I tried something new in buying before I tried,your test is very effective.
      by Michelle J

      Lyra helped me sleep well again!

      I have always known how important the right pillow is. I have had memory foam neck pillows, regular memory foam pillows, some flat and some higher. Some were good, with others I'd wake up with neck pain. My new husband complained that he would always get neck pain when staying at my place. We both tried the Lyra and had to order another because we both love it so much! He is a back sleeper and wakes up feeling great with it. I have been pregnant and not sleeping well at all. I started using the lyra and have slept like a baby! I am so happy I discovered slumbr! My whole day is better after a good night's rest! I look forward to also trying their other pillows.
      by Reid

      Lyra is legit!

      Been using the Lyra for the last week and love it. Good for sleeping on side or back. Keeps it shape, not too firm but not too soft. I have a tempur-pedic but def prefer the Lyra cuz it holds it shape while still letting your head/neck sweetly sink into the pillow. And it's more firm than a down filled pillow.
      by Andrea

      I would buy this pillow again

      This is my first latex pillow, and I love it. I have had it for a few months and it keeps its shape well. The pillow feels soft, and gives beneath my head, but it still very supportive. And I love the washable cover that Slumbr ships with the pillow.
      by Quinn

      Gives me what I need in a pillow

      lyra is one of my favorites . It is both light and supportive in any position .

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