What gets us out of bed every morning?

We're all about making sleep comfier. One pillow at a time. We may never cure snoring or bedhead, but we are creating products to make every precious hour in bed comfortable, restorative and delightful.

Why are we into sleep?

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Sleep. We love it. We covet it. With work, home and well, life, we don't get enough of it. Yet, sleep is essential to the well-being of our bodies and brains. Like memory, metabolism, disease prevention, fertility, mental health, detoxification -- and our ability to be present in the relationships that nourish us.

We spend time and money on healthy food, pricy gym memberships, even fancy yoga pants. But how many of us make sleep a priority? The reality is that some of the most valuable effort we can put into feeling good and living well is in our sleep life.

Slumbr. For the rest of your 24 hours.

Plenty of companies serve 16 hours of your day and focus on family, work, play, fitness and food. Slumbr focuses on wellness for these last "invisible" but vital wee hours.

Why did we start Slumbr?


A Mutual Love of Sleep...and Pillows
Like many, we'd gotten used to busy lifestyles with long hours and little sleep. After years of this, we were tired of being tired. Heather sought alternatives to the 3 pm coffee pick-me-up. Michelle ceased guilt-tripping over naps. We each made sleep a priority, and it changed our lives.

One fateful night as former colleagues reconnecting over dinner, we swapped stories of sleep struggles and triumphs. And discovered a mutual enthusiasm for pillows. Pillows?

Uncovering the Pillow Problem
From Michelle’s hotel pillow upgrade to Heather’s preference for sleeping with 5 pillows (yes, 5!), we discovered first-hand how quality pillows could immediately and effortlessly make sleep feel amazing.

We also realized how difficult it could be to make sense of the sea of pillows in stores. We were done with squishing pillows though plastic. There had to be a better way. And that was the spark for Slumbr.

Our Search for the Best Pillows
We consulted what sleep specialists and studies had to say about pillow comfort, but we didn't stop there. We collected hundreds of pillows from manufacturers -- squeezing, scrunching and snoozing on them to understand the differences in quality and feel. Then we tested the best with all types of sleepers in their own bedrooms to develop a Pillow Menu of the comfiest pillows for a range of sleep styles, as well as deliver proven and personal pillow recommendations. Nothing makes us smile more than to hear our customers go from saying "What kind of pillow do I need?" to "This is my perfect pillow - I love it!"

With Slumbr, we want to make it so simple for your sleep to live up to its potential. Right now, we're starting with your pillow.

Michelle and Heather, Co-Founders

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